Update from Katie

Update from Katie

(Posted on 06/11/20)

Starting at Nursery School for the first time is an exciting time and this year is no exception. As a school community we have pulled together and created a COVID aware environment to keep you and your children as safe as we possibly can. Your understanding and continued support is very much appreciated.

There is no doubt that the Covid Pandemic has impacted us all and we are having to find new ways to do things. Over the past six months we have found even more ways of playing and learning, sometimes with fewer or limited resources. The children are truly amazing bringing a resilience and sense of excitement to the simplest task. We took delivery of some play equipment in a very, very large box. In the children’s words ”its ginormous” , and it was. Now the play equipment is good but the box proved even better! It quickly became the centre of play as the first little pigs house of straw. The children acted out the story with a few adaptations. We all enjoyed the tale of “The eleven little pigs and three big bad wolves….” Thankfully as the story unfolded it became clear that they would all live happily ever after.

With so much uncertainty and many children not being able to enjoy their usual playdates and activities over the Summer we have focused our return to school on children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Mrs Russell has written an update on what the Ladybirds and Bees have been doing, this is just a small element of what goes on but I am sure you will agree, the children are busy, happy and have been learning so much in these first few weeks of school.

After half-term we will be arranging a series of virtual meetings with parents. These will take the place of what would normally be our first parent teacher contact evening. In the meantime we hope you enjoy your child’s “Settling in” or “Back to school” review.

If you have any questions please call the office and arrange a time for a telephone call with your child’s keyworker. We appreciate how difficult it is to discuss anything at pick up and drop off.