Time to Shine

(Posted on 07/02/18)

One of the most important things we can give children as parents, teachers or carers is our time.

Over the coming weeks I will be taking small groups of children to engage in activities specifically designed to help them learn “even better”.

Whilst all of the above are regularly undertaken by the Keyworkers, working in smaller groups and enabling children of similar interests and abilities to work together often sparks new enthusiasm and increased learning potential. I will be working in groups of no more than 6.We know as adults we are all different – and our children are too! It’s important to give them that extra chance to shine: - to support their learning and challenge them to be the very best they can be.“Shine time” activities will be displayed in the cloakroom:- if your child took part you will get a brief note to let you know. We hope they will be excited and tell you all about it! Let’s welcome our “Shine Time Super Stars”.

Katie Tyrie