Time for Wild Science

Time for Wild Science

(Posted on 29/06/18)

On Friday we had some truly amazing visitors in school.

They were slithery, crawly, smooth, fluffy, hissy,

Flicky-tongued, scaly, wriggly, squirmy

So much to look at ………

Lots of questions…………

So much to think about..….

So much to learn…………

Lauren, the animal’s handler was extremely good with both animals and children! The children sat very quietly having been told that sudden movements or noises could upset our new friends. Whilst a number of children may have held a rabbit or hamster, very few had held a snake and I think not one had ever stroked a Madagascan hissing cockroach before! There was never any pressure to touch or hold but natural curiosity took over and most children joined in with enthusiasm.

Did you know that Lily the snake only eats once every two weeks? Her favourite food is mice and rats …yum lucky Lily

We learn and have fun in many different ways at school but this was certainly a new experience for most of our children.