Summer Term News

(Posted on 21/04/20)

To all our amazing Bees and Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ants and Ladybirds ….

You are doing brilliantly!

Well usually today we would be celebrating the start of the Summer term but these times are far from usual and things around us far from normal. I must say a huge thank you to all our families and staff for sharing their amazing and imaginative ways to keep busy under the current conditions of lockdown. We know it’s hard for everyone to be away from friends and their normal routines but hey all you Bees and Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ants and Ladybirds out there…. You are doing brilliantly! We are so proud of you.

We love the photos and drawings you have been sending in ….Please keep them coming so that we can add to our on line gallery! Also keep your eyes peeled for your keyworkers reading some of their favourite stories.

We’ll be topping up the website regularly with phonics, number and maths activities. So Mums, Dads, big sisters, brothers Grannies aunties and friends join up via Zoom ….take a little time each day to share a story or play some of these games together.

Keep safe and keep in touch.

Whilst we are closed we can be contacted on mobile 07519 804968

or email us to share your ideas photos and drawings

New NHS Coronavirus Helpline number - 24/7 crisis phone line for residents of Cheshire West, Cheshire East and Wirral   0300303 3972