St Mary’s World Famous Saucepan Orchestra

(Posted on 09/02/18)

Crash, bang, wallop, thud,

pans, lids and spoons.

You’ll never guess (maybe you can!!) how much noise we make

when thrashing out these tunes!  

Today we have made a music wall using all those lovely old saucepans you brought in. We have explored and experimented to see what makes the best sounds, the loudest sounds and we even tried some very quiet “scratchy” sounds using washing up brushes. There was some very serious planning involved as all the children were encouraged to think how the wall will work. How to attach the pans? Look after the beaters? How will they take turns? Who will be musicians in our World Famous orchestra? Who will be the conductor?

We have had some extremely loud and delightful performances today and if you heard us in Handbridge then FAB!!

Katie Tyrie