So What did You Do Today?

(Posted on 16/10/18)

Sometimes (often) it’s what every Mum or Dad or Gran asks as they pick up a child after a busy day at school. Some children are full of who they have played with, what they had for snack or why Mrs Tyrie pretended to be a spider! Others are far more reserved and may say very little or tell you they did nothing! Don’t worry! Every child is different and so is every day. Yes we have routines which are important but so is exploring, experimenting and trying something new. It keeps children engaged and having fun. It enables them to learn and develop their own interests. I often say please don’t worry if your child doesn’t share everything with you. We often put up photographs and information in the cloakroom. Perhaps they can see themselves doing an activity. Finding their picture can be a great starting point to talk some more.