Our Rhyme of the Week and Story to Share

Our Rhyme of the Week and Story to Share

(Posted on 03/02/21)

Our rhyme of the week and story to share.

!,2 ,3 4, 5 ,Once I caught a fish alive. A great song to sing along to. Try cutting out some fish at home, decorate them and number each one. Practice putting them in the right order. Can you make more fish …big ones, little ones, stripy or spotty ones. Why not make enough fish so that you can write a letter of your name on each one. What a catch!

We are also starting to explore space and travel. We have been building junk model vehicles. Look at our marvellous creations …buses, lorries, bikes and even a super transformer.

Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

We love books at school and love to share them in the book corner or at group time. We are reading Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

Baby Bear goes on a big adventure. He heads off up the chimney, flies to the moon and has a picnic. What a journey. He had to prepare everything before he set off. Luckily he found all the things he needed and was soon on his way. He even had a picnic with his friend Owl.

Listen to the story here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c5cb0u0rPM&feature=youtu.be

What would you have in your picnic? Who would you like to be there?

I think I would have a picnic with my Mummy and my cats. We would have sausage rolls to eat and maybe some carrots and apples. …oh and some fishy flavour dreamies for Arthur and Princess.