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Find Out Friday

(Posted on 16/02/18)

Last week we made our ‘Saucepan Wall’ for music making. We had a great time. We also made a lot of noise!What really interested the children was not the finished wall but how to make it; How to get the heavy saucepans to stay up? They tried string? Laces? Ribbon ? Clothes pegs? Masking tape?Today’s challenge is more like ‘Fix It Friday’.Mrs Tyrie has been very messy again...

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St Mary’s World Famous Saucepan Orchestra

(Posted on 09/02/18)

Crash, bang, wallop, thud,pans, lids and spoons.You’ll never guess (maybe you can!!) how much noise we makewhen thrashing out these tunes!  Today we have made a music wall using all those lovely old saucepans you brought in. We have explored and experimented to see what makes the best sounds, the loudest sounds and we even tried some very quiet “scratchy” sounds using washing...

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Time to Shine

(Posted on 07/02/18)

One of the most important things we can give children as parents, teachers or carers is our time.Over the coming weeks I will be taking small groups of children to engage in activities specifically designed to help them learn “even better”.It may be giving quiet or the very young children the chance to speak up – or those who stand back from an activity the chance to be the first...

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Today it's a Physical Challenge

(Posted on 02/02/18)

We use our bodies all the time to move around and do the things we want to do. We run, jump, sit, eat, even sleep sometimes!Can you stretch up high? Crouch down low? Balance on one leg? Can you balance all the way along our challenge beams?We have been working outside.To finish off we are going to learn some yoga – some very special animal poses.Together with calming music this is a very good...

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Wanted - Can you help

(Posted on 25/01/18)

We are making a saucepan wall for music making and maths activities. Please do you have (or can find for us!) any old metal saucepans you don’t need any more? Any size or shape with or without a lid. Also any spoons spatulas or ladles.The children will make these into a music wall outside. Then let the music begin! Thank you !

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Find Out Friday - Fun in the Kitchen

(Posted on 23/01/18)

Oh Mrs Tyrie ! What an untidy kitchen you have ! Let’s sort it all out !We looked for things we recognised, knew about and could name - like forks spoon etcWe looked at things that we might know about -potato masher garlic press etcWe were left puzzling about things we might never have seen before …any ideas? (Yes Mrs Tyrie has a melon scoop! Never used but still hiding in the back of...

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