Katie's Christmas Message

Katie's Christmas Message

(Posted on 20/12/18)

 As I look out the window it is almost dark…. very grey, wild wet and windy… but if I listen….

I hear jingling bells, a few giggles and yes everyone’s favourite song. "Santa’s Little Helpers" for those of you came to our Sing and Celebrate this week I am sure you’ll have picked up the tune.. and words… and actions… Now it’s stuck in your head all Christmas. Enjoy!

Seriously though it has been a very busy term with so much happening. We have had visitors, events, bear hunts, baking, making, singing, sticking, gluing, building, wriggle jiggle time and toastastic Fridays… fab!

Most children have already shared their special books "Look what I can do" with their grown-ups at Stay and Play. These are expanding week by week as we add more evidence of progress and achievement. What is really special is that each book is unique and for me the most precious part the memories each will hold. Children love to look at them and sometimes ask if they can add a drawing they are proud of or ask for photos to be taken. In years to come it may be that children do not remember precisely what they did at Nursery but I believe that they will always remember how they felt. Please have a safe and fun filled Christmas.

Best Wishes