Find Out Friday - Fun in the Kitchen

(Posted on 23/01/18)

Oh Mrs Tyrie !

What an untidy kitchen you have !

Let’s sort it all out !

We looked for things we recognised, knew about and could name - like forks spoon etc

We looked at things that we might know about -potato masher garlic press etc

We were left puzzling about things we might never have seen before …any ideas? (Yes Mrs Tyrie has a melon scoop! Never used but still hiding in the back of the drawer!)

Sorting out ……….Over to the children …….

This was an open ended task encouraging the children to think and suggest ideas for themselves. We looked at similarities and differences and talked about what things might be used for.

We asked them to sort the objects out.  Let’s see what  they chose to do?

By material …wood,  metal  or plastic

By what we use it for ………stirring, squashing, rolling

By size shape or colour…..we like the feel, the look.

We sorted out all these things and told Mrs Tyrie to look after her things and make sure she tidies up better next time!

Outdoor Area extended play activity

Having discussed what things were made of we went outside and looked again at all those things we play on every day. What are they made of ? Wood, metal or plastic or even all of them.

There is so much language and maths and science involved in exploring this simple subject.

Everything is made of something and is a great starting point for discussion !