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(Posted on 16/10/18)

We are well into the swing of things now as all our returners and new children are getting to grips with their new surroundings.

It’s tough for them. We should never underestimate the challenge it is for young children to share, to take turns, to sit , to listen, join in, try something new, do something they don’t want to do and even harder to stop doing something they are really enjoying!

Like all learning it doesn’t happen all at once. It’s the journey that is most important. The skills learnt along the way and experiences shared with new friends are what are remembered.

We are here to teach, to help, to encourage and to lead by example. You will see us playing with the children; laughing with the children; running singing and generally having lots of fun. It is so very important as children learn by what they see and hear.

Happy children learn better and retain more of what they have been doing. They gain a greater depth of understanding of concepts and are able to make connections and transfer skills from one area to another.

The most important people to your children are those at home. Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, Grandads, Grannies ….and what you think counts. We will be asking you to give your views of how you see your child. There will be some fantastic things they do at home that we simply don’t see but we want to know. Look out for more details soon. You have been terrific helping us get to know your children. We want to make sure we continue this journey together so over the coming months we will share information, hold workshops and communicate through our monthly news and views. The most important link however is with your Keyworker. They work with your children most closely and get to know them really well. They will share news with you when ever appropriate; the exciting, the triumphs, the thrills and spills. Equally we ask that you share with us those things that can make a difference to a child’s day. A restless night, Grannie staying, the wrong colour socks on, no socks on. it’s raining, need a poo…… 

Let’s keep talking, keep playing - make learning fun.